Please Read the Eight Major Questions and Answers in your Quest

These are my replies to questions I am often asked about basic spell-craft. The opinions expressed are my own, and were developed through years of hard work in a variety of traditions. You may have differing opinions, and that is fine with me. I speak only for myself as a practicing and successful clairvoyant.

Q. How do real magic spells actually work?
A. Perhaps it is a way of working with subtle energies, with the natural virtues of plants and stones, with spirits, with — well, with as many different forms of non-ordinary reality as there are schools of magic, I suppose!

Q. Do magic spells always work?
A. Most of the time spells work, rarely they do not. My experience gives me a modest 85% accuracy. Mostly divine prayers produce results. Seldom do they not. Nothing is infallible. Death is inevitable.

Q. Does black magic really work?
A. Black magic/sorcery is real and restricted from practising in many countries around the world.

Q. Are spells guaranteed to work?
A. If a prayer is not answered, it may be that it is not God’s will. You’ll find in black magic a useful tool, but, like any tool, it does most of the work FOR you — it simply allows you to leverage your way from where you are now to where you want to be and the condition you want to be in.

Q. Is it worth trying if it is not guaranteed?
A. If you use black magic only to concentrate upon your desires and to pray, you will at least have clarified what it is you want. As it works for you, however, as it very often does, then you will not only have clarified your desires, you will have achieved them.

Q. Are the results just coincidence?
A. Absolutely not, every person’s story is unique. Only you can live your life story.

Q. If spells and black magic are real, why doesn’t everyone use them?
A. Yes, voodoo and the occult are real and active. There are countries that ban their services. People are born with free will and they make choices consistent with their interests and emotional desires. Although, their own circumstances puts them into close or distant proximity from various mental concepts and physical objects which instills fear, uncertainty and unknowns.

Q. How long shall I wait for real spells to work?
A. Look for SIGNS in THREE DAYS. Look for MOVEMENT in THREE WEEKS. Look for COMPLETION in THREE MONTHS. Furthermore, black magic could result into THREE WEEKS. Then look for movement and completion in THREE MONTHS.