Is this you?

Do you know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Goldi’s mother gives her an errand to do, but Goldilocks takes a detour and tries to find satisfaction in the home of three bears. In the end, the bears return and Goldilocks flees the scene. If you have taken plenty of detours on your way to finding a life’s decision that is just right. Maybe your first year of dating at twenty two, visiting a boyfriend’s apartment being tiny, sloppy and thinking it’s normal. You didn’t have the right support, so you go and charge your credit card to feed him. While your nights should be consumed with school homework and be surrounded with kindness and respect by a healthy man. Instead later on of thanking you he dumps you. Everything in life felt cold and hard. Receiving help seemed like the stuff of fairy tales.

Back then I, too, had to run from the bears’ relationships, but today so much of my life is just right. I too had to learn the moral of the story the hard way, and truth be told, I am still learning! What Goldilocks didn’t know is that the perfect porridge, chair and bed have already been prepared. And that’s what my service is all about.

What is just right for you?

You’ve come a long way to visit me from the imbalance of disappointment. But you still crave something, maybe revenge. Sometimes you feel shortened or cheated; you know deep down this is true. Revenge is not the same as balance since balance is a feeling of lasting satisfaction and revenge is an extreme emotional fulfilment imposed against another person. It’s doing you best to meet your own needs. You see Goldilocks made some choice that were not right for her. But it’s right for you to be here. Sometimes it’s hard to think about your direction and decision, but you have a better chance of finding what’s right if you admit to what is wrong. Make an open decision of what you wish for, in order to reach your satisfied ending.

Pick the right black magic spell

Goldilocks had a job to do, but instead of obeying her mother, she barged into the bears’ house and helped herself to their porridge. First the porridge was too hot. She probably burned her mouth as I have when I was impatient for pizza to cool. Do you have trouble waiting for what is best?

I’m right here not too far away and we can make things happen for you. If you desire to have someone to just talk with or something else.I’m a phone call away.