About Michael

clair·voy·ance (klâr-voi’ens) (n.)

  • The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses
  • Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness

Almost everyone asks the same question; “So, how long have you been doing this? Well, technically most of my life. We are all psychic in some way; there are just some people that are more in tune with it than others. Sometimes it’s just natural; occasionally you can learn to build up more.

Clairvoyant ability has many facets. I happen to have a single form of them (audient clairvoyant), which was very confusing to me when I was growing up; I really thought I was going crazy at one point! I would go to the grocery store and return with some items that were totally unfamiliar to me when I arrived back home. My mother would ask me why I bought something like “smoked clams” when I clearly didn’t eat them, and I would have no idea. It became a regular problem.

Finally I figured it out; people concentrate so hard when they are shopping, and when I would be there near them I was picking up on what they were thinking. After I realized that I was able to stop, and I started paying attention to what I was getting from people; all sorts of thoughts and feelings came through.

Eventually I went to a place that helped me find out what types of abilities I had, and I was able to learn how to work with people, with the information I receive from them no matter what it is. It’s been a very long road from my discovery to being comfortable helping others with their personal issues.

Oh, some last thoughts! I am from Athens, Greece. I spent part of my schooled life in Greece and Europe reading up on Psychology and the paranormal at his local school library whenever I could. Years later I developed an interest in black magic and illuminated human behaviour and the many questions we always want to ask about the mind and its capabilities. I hold a BSc (Hons) (University of Athens) in mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology and Anthropology. As well I’m an astrologer with interests and experience in parapsychology with a long and curious journey into the world of the occult and now, I now honestly sit on the fence.

My affiliations are listed below

I am established and accepted privately around the world, for reasons partaking in white and black magic. Living, working quietly and staying unknown are precious. My clients are ordinary people in addition to well-known entertainment figures, politicians and the sporting world. In this secret world publicity is not needed; just trust, silence, awareness and perspective. That’s why you sign an agreement with me of silence.

Always Remain,
Michael Theodore